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Best Employee Engagement Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

This is your guide to the best employee engagement software that will help you keep your employees happy and satisfied and will increase retention.

Noor Hammad • Thu 26 August, 2021

When we think of “employee engagement software” we tend towards tools that help us gather feedback from individuals within our organization in order to gauge the health of our company culture.

While measurement is certainly important, utilizing tools that help improve communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, recognition and rewards gives us the best chance of seeing the results we desire when we come to measure employee engagement.

As some 63% of companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain employees, it’s never been more important to have the right tools in place to create satisfied, engaged employees.

Top Employee Engagement Tools

Here’s nine tools organizations are using to facilitate better communication, collaboration and education to improve employee engagement.


Whooshkaa gives you the tools to record, distribute and measure private, internal podcasts. In addition to being popular with employees, podcasts allow you to create open, engaging and transparent internal communications that engage your team members.

Employees listen using their favourite podcast apps – such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts – via the built-in listener hub that Whooshkaa provides or through embedded players which drop into your intranet or internal social network.

Access is controlled through integration with your identity management system, providing a single sign-on experience for employees and ensuring internal content stays private and secure.

Whooshkaa allows you to track engagement through detailed, individual listener level reports, so you can understand which content is best engaging employees.

Learn more:

Whooshkaa Web Page


Slack is the king of real-time collaboration, facilitating both one-to-one and group communication. Primarily focused on text based chat (with emojis of course 😉), Slack also includes tools for file sharing and conference calling.

Slack offers enterprise-grade security through single sign-on and a large selection of plugins allow Slack to be integrated deeply into your organization’s tech stack.

Slack boasts some of the world’s biggest brands as customers and was recently acquired by CRM powerhouse Salesforce.

Learn more:

Slack Website


Gtmhub is a platform designed to help organizations implement and track OKRs.

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a goal management methodology, pioneered by fast growing, high-tech companies and is now increasing in popularity across industries.

Featuring a range of tools including task management, reminders, reporting and integrations – Gtmhub is designed to help people managers and business leaders anticipate disruption, realign strategy and adapt their execution.

Gtmhub is trusted by 800 companies worldwide to manage their OKRs.

Learn more:

Gtmhub Wesbite


Learning and Development has never been more important, Gartner research found 58% of the workforce will need new skills to do their jobs in a post COVID-19 world. Organizations that facilitate employees' internal mobility through upskilling retain those staff for twice as long.

Lessonly is a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create and manage educational content for employees including videos, documents, images, presentations.

Quizzes and feedback tools allow you to track employee progress and understand knowledge gaps that you have an opportunity to address.

Learn more:

Lessonly Website


Basecamp is designed to facilitate project management and collaboration between team members.

Basecamp includes features such as task management, todo-lists, scheduling, file management, message boards and announcements, and group chat.

Automatic check-ins are great for helping people and project managers on top of what everyone is working on and the progress of various projects.

FAQs allow you to build a library of information that can be useful for new team or project members.

Learn more:

Basecamp Website


ClickUp aims to be a one stop shop for task management, project management and collaboration.

ClickUp includes to-do lists, wikis, reminders, email, resource management, real-time chat and a host of other features that support collaboration between your team members.

Goal and time tracking features keep project and people managers informed of how employees are performing and projects are progressing.

Integrations with third party platforms and tools allow deep integration with your tech stack.

Learn more:

ClickUp Website


Staffbase is a leading solution for internal communications. The platform consists of three main components – email, intranet and a mobile application.

Creating beautiful, engaging emails is easy without any coding resource necessary due to Staffbase’s acquisition and integration of the Bananatag email marketing platform.

A content focused intranet gives internal communicators the tools to create internal blogs, wikis and knowledge bases. Standard intranet features such as news feeds, calendar management, notifications, and chats are included.

Staffbase also provides you with a branded mobile app that makes it easy for employees to access Staffbase and drives adoption and engagement.

Learn more:

Staffbase Website


Recognition and rewards are a key part of any successful employee engagement program. Bonusly was built to encourage and streamline recognition and rewards in a candid, social way.

Bonuses can be given by peers and direct reports as well as by managers and executives. Employees can be given a monthly allowance which they can use to recognize their peers – so anyone can add-on to a bonus to show their appreciation.

Rewards can be generated through integrations with third party platforms such as Paypal and Stripe, and dozens of gift card providers. Custom rewards can also be created such as a mentoring opportunity or dinner with the CEO.

Bonuses appear in a public feed so that everyone can see the important work happening across your organization.

Learn more:

Bonusly Website


SurveySparrow is a platform that allows you to turn employee surveys into meaningful conversations.

A powerful survey designer makes it easy to gather feedback from employees at all stages of their employment journey including:

A range of distribution options and an accessible employee portal encourages participation and enhances completion rates.

After analyzing your results, SurveySparrow’s report building tool makes it easy to create beautiful, engaging feedback reports for management and employees.

Learn more:

SurveySparrow Website

Are you harnessing the power of employee engagement software?

As we can see from the examples above, “Employee Engagement Software” is a broad term describing tools that support internal communications, performance management, collaboration and feedback. These solutions help people managers build programs that increase participation and employee job satisfaction to improve performance and reduce turnover.

Organizations like Atlassian, Toyota and Accenture use Whooshkaa to improve internal communications and employee engagement through secure, private podcasts. If you would like to learn more contact us or visit Whooshkaa for employee engagement.

Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.

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