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Embrace your team with internal podcasts

Need a strong workplace culture for your team? Here's an easy guide to building internal private podcasts to support business continuity through the pandemic.

Ruth Mathewson • Wed 18 March, 2020

How do you keep your workforce informed, united and motivated in an environment splintered by shutdowns, isolation and quarantine? Supporting business continuity through the COVID-19 pandemic requires strong and flexible communications.

With leading epidemiologists such as the Harvard Center for Disease Dynamics’ William Hanage warning that “everyone who can work from home should work from home,” companies worldwide are grappling with newly-remote workforces numbering in the thousands.

“Everyone who can work from home should work from home.”

In Australia, Ernst & Young, Telstra, Atlassian, the ASX, Clayton Utz, Cisco and Vodafone have already sent home everyone who can work remotely. More will follow as schools and universities impose shutdowns.

Getting ahead of the curve is crucial. We’re looking at months of disruption and the potential for a permanent shift in how we do business. Now is the time to keep your people informed and engaged as well as upgrade your communications infrastructure.

Salesforce Australia and New Zealand CEO Pip Marlow told The Australian this week that one legacy of COVID-19 could be to permanently reshape the way we work.

“The technology has been there for some time now to enable (remote work)…companies will see that productivity continues and jobs can be done flexibly,” she said. “I think people will think very deliberately about the role of digital and technology.”

Smart leaders are looking to private podcast technology to maintain focus and unity. It’s a simple, fast and flexible way to communicate with select listeners - from just a handful of key executives to hundreds of thousands of employees or students.

Smart leaders are looking to private podcast technology to maintain focus and unity.

Podcast platform Whooshkaa has breakthrough technology to deliver podcasts securely to those on your target list. Whether they have Apple or Android devices, those on your list can hear your podcasts at the press of a button.

Whooshkaa’s private podcasts are effective whether your constituency is large or small, whether it is a workforce, government department, school parents, students or a professional group. In fact, it’s all up to you: you control the listenership, the message and the timing.

Unlike the infotainment podcasts that capture worldwide audiences, these are private. They land in the hands of the contacts you choose without the need for additional apps, and you can record them on-the-go from your own phone.

Importantly, only the intended recipient can access it, using apps already installed on their phone.

Whooshkaa’s private podcasts allow organisations to send audio to predetermined groups of contacts. For example, a health chief can send frequent updates to senior executives, while also sending daily advisories to the entire workforce.

There’s nothing like spoken word to create a warmth, engagement and trust that doesn’t exist in an email or text. A timely spoken update from the boss – or principal or department head – keeps the team unified and engaged, wherever they are. It can be sent daily, weekly, or as the need arises.

Private podcasts give you control over tone, which is often as important as the message. They let you deliver up-to-date information and reassurance even when events change quickly.

They can be easily recorded, sent and received from anywhere, just using a phone.

There’s no video crew or large data file (and not everyone can stop what they’re doing to download and watch a video anyway).

Fear and panic are the enemy of business continuity. Private podcasts can be a powerful tool in engaging, reassuring and informing your teams.

Contact us if you have any questions about how you can put podcasts to work in your organisation.

Author: Ruth Mathewson

Ruth Mathewson

Ruth is Whooshkaa's Media & Communications Manager.

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