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Private podcasts help make SafetyCulture a Great Place To Work

Whooshkaa Private Podcasts are a key employee engagement strategy for SafetyCulture who were recognised as one of Australia’s 50 Best Places to Work in 2020.

Noor Hammad • Fri 24 July, 2020


Australian tech unicorn SafetyCulture was awarded fourth place in Australia’s list of the 50 Best Places to Work for 2020, which was ranked by workplace research and consulting firm Great Place to Work.

The Great Place to Work study recognises companies with exceptional workplace cultures across a number of benchmarks.

As expected this year’s study was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Great Place To Work study put it:

“The organisations in the study are leading the way amid the pandemic, demonstrating care for their employees, customers and communities during this challenging time”.

“While prompted by uncertain and at times weighty circumstances, the pandemic has created opportunities to experiment with new ways of working.”

There’s no better example of “new ways of working” than SafetyCulture’s approach to internal communications during the recent pandemic.

Private podcasts keep employees informed and engaged

SafetyCulture CEO Luke Anear creates podcasts with Whooshkaa.

With employees in five global locations, SafetyCulture faced the challenge of maintaining their workplace culture of transparency in leadership, authenticity and open communication.

Travel restrictions meant no in person face-time with senior leadership, so SafetyCulture turned to internal private podcasts to keep lines of communication open between business leaders and SafetyCulture’s global workforce.

Whooshkaa provides an enterprise grade, private podcasting solution that allows SafetyCulture to record, edit and distribute podcasts to employees.

Employees can listen using the podcast apps they already know and love, making adoption a breeze.

Robust security controls ensure that internal content remains private so SafetyCulture can podcast with confidence.

Comprehensive analytics tools allow internal communication teams to understand who, what, when, where and how employees are engaging with internal podcasts.

Authentic, Open, Transparent

Seeking to replicate the accessibility of senior leadership to employees – usually achieved through regular in-person meetings and one-to-one conversations – SafetyCulture’s Founder & CEO Luke Anear and VP of Product Brian Swift decided to collaborate on a weekly podcast.

Free flowing and wide ranging, the chats are designed to give employees insight into the company’s strategic vision and create a sense of inclusion and transparency amongst employees.

The podcasts are a hit with employees who are passionate about SafetyCulture’s mission and their role in defining and achieving the company’s goals.

CEO Luke Anear was kind enough to share his thoughts on the unique benefits of private podcasts…

Embedded content:

Congratulations to the team at SafetyCulture on being recognised as a Great Place To Work 🎉.

Want to know more about private podcasting?

Would you like to know how we help companies like SafetyCulture, Toyota and Atlassian use private podcasts to improve internal communications, increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnover?

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Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.

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