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Product Update: January 2020

Our latest product update includes new transcription languages and live transcript playback. We've also added five new advanced analytics reports.

Noor Hammad • Wed 15 January, 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade and we’re excited to announce some brand new features available today.

There is a lot to cover so without further adieu, here’s what’s new.

Transcription Updates

We’re big believers in the power of podcast transcripts and it appears that you are too! Since we launched automated transcription last year it has quickly become one of our most popular features.

This month we’ve added Spanish and German to our supported transcription languages.

For customers on our Pro plan, we’ve also added the ability to automatically link transcripts to the Whooshkaa web player.

When generating your embed code you’ll now see an option to “Enable Transcript” which adds a button to view the transcript on the player. You can also choose to activate the transcript by default.

Transcripts scroll in time with the audio so your audience can read along as they listen.

Whooshkaa Web Player with Transcripts Enabled

Advanced Insights

Analytics is a key focus for us at Whooshkaa as podcasters seek the best possible insight into their audiences and how their content is performing.

We were one of the first podcast hosts to be independently audited and certified by the IAB, meeting the industry standards for podcast and podcast advertising measurement.

Today we have released a raft of new IAB Certified reports, broken down into five new tabs which users of our Pro plan can access under Insights:

  • Trending
  • Shows
  • Episodes
  • Listeners
  • Campaigns

Whooshkaa Advanced Insights New Tabs

Let’s take a look at each.

The trending tab contains a top line summary and 3 new visualisations, designed to give you a quick glance at your most recent performance.

Period Summary

The period summary displays some key top line numbers for your chosen reporting period including total shows, episodes, listens and impressions.

Top 5 Shows

Whooshkaa Insights Trending Top 5 Show

This line graph shows your Top 5 Shows (by listens) over your chosen reporting period, as well as your daily average listens across all shows.

For podcasters and networks with multiple shows, this allows you to quickly see how your Top 5 are performing.

Top 5 Episodes

Whooshkaa Insights Trending Top 5 Episodes

This line graph shows your Top 5 Episodes (by listens) over your chosen reporting period, as well as your daily average listens across all Episodes.

You can use filters to report on a single show, to see how your past episodes are performing compared with your latest episode.

You can also filter across multiple shows, to see which episodes are most popular with your audience.

Top 5 Campaigns

Whooshkaa Insights Trending Top 5 Campaigns

For those running dynamic advertising campaigns using Whooshkaa Campaign Manager, you can see the top 5 campaigns by ad impressions across your chosen reporting period.


The Shows tab gives you insight into the total listens across one or more shows. For those running dynamic advertising using Whooshkaa Campaign Manager, you also get insight into how effectively you are monetising your listens.

The Period Summary provides you with top line listens and ad impressions across your chosen shows and reporting period.

The area chart demonstrates how effectively you are monetising your total listens.

Whooshkaa Insights Shows Listens vs Impressions

There is also a bar chart showing your top shows by total listens and by total ad impressions.

Whooshkaa Insights Shows Bar Chart


As the name implies, the Episodes tab takes you one step down from Show level.

There are three key visualisations on this tab:

Total Listens

This visualisation shows your total listens over your chosen reporting period.

Whooshkaa Insights Episodes Total Listens

Top 5 Episode 28 Day Trajectories

Whooshkaa Insights 28 Day Episode Trajectories

The name is a mouthful, but the chart is rather cool (we think!).

This chart plots the top 5 Episodes (by listens) launched in your chosen reporting period, over their first 28 days.

The best way to understand this chart is with an example:

A typical episode trajectory might look like the yellow or orange line in the example above. There is a rapid uptick in listeners immediately as the episode is released, then after a few days the number of daily listeners “flattens” ie. fewer people listen per day as you get further away from release day.

This chart may help you discover things like:

  • If you are releasing on the optimal day: for example if you release episodes on a Thursday but the “uptick” in trajectory doesn’t happen for 2-3 days it may indicate that your audience prefers to listen to your podcast on the weekend.
  • If your chart has an initial uptick followed by a rapid “flattening” it may indicate that your audience considers your podcast time sensitive and less relevant the further away from release day they download it.
  • If your chart shows steady growth across a significant portion of the first 28 days (see red line above), perhaps you can afford to release episodes less frequently as your content will continue to engage new listeners between releases.

Most Listens

Sometimes simple charts are the best, this is a bar graph shows your top episodes by listens.

Whooshkaa Insights Top Episodes By Listens


The Listeners tab gives you insight into which days of the week your audience is consuming your podcasts.

Whooshkaa Insights Listener Habits

You can use this insight to identify opportunities for new releases, such as episode previews, to keep your audience “warm”.


The Campaigns tab contains a number of reports specifically for podcasters running dynamic advertising campaigns using Whooshkaa Campaign Manager.

There are a number of charts relating to specific segmentation options in your Campaigns including:

Segment Breakdown

Whooshkaa Insights Segment Breakdown

This chart allows you to see the number of impressions served by each segmentation rule in your Campaigns for example the relative number of impressions by device per geolocation.

This report will help you optimise your campaign segmentation.


This pie chart shows you how many impressions have been served in each of the standard advertising spots ie. pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

Whooshkaa Insights Spots


The Clients bar graph shows you how many impressions have been served on each listening app eg. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc.

Whooshkaa Insights Clients

Most Impressions

If you are running multiple Campaigns, this bar chart lists them in order of delivered impressions.

Whooshkaa Insights Campaigns Top Impressions

Until next month…

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2020. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so if you have something to share please drop us a line.

Keep an eye on your inbox for our next update.

Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.

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