Product Update: November 2019

Our latest product update includes improved support for episode chapters and a faster dashboard experience.

Noor Hammad • Tue 19 November, 2019

Podcast Chapters

A lesser known and underutilised feature supported by Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast and others is the ability to add “Chapters” to your episodes.

If you’re thinking this is a feature that would be more at home in an audiobook app, we’d encourage you to think again - there are some valuable examples for podcasters.

What are chapters?

As you might imagine, chapters allow you to divide your podcast episodes into relevant segments or “chapters”.

Just like a book, each chapter has a unique title.

Apps like Apple Podcasts will display a list of your chapters on the episode play screen.

Users can click the chapter title to instantly skip to that section of the episode.

Why use chapters?

The obvious use case is for very long episodes or episodes that cover a variety of topics that might not all be relevant to every listener.

However, it’s not only long episodes that can benefit from chapters.

We’ve written about how podcast transcripts can help make your podcast more quotable, solving a common frustration of podcast listeners - finding a specific moment or topic in your episode. In the same way, podcast chapters provide quick links to discrete segments of your episode, giving listeners an easy way to revisit those segments.

Additionally, there is value in chapters providing a “visual map” of your episode - at a glance, listeners can get an overview of your episode structure.

Whooshkaa Chapters Support

Our in-browser episode editor provides tools to add chapter markers to your episodes.


Markers can be set by specifying a timecode or with our simple drag-and-drop interface. You can set your titles in the marker list below the editor.


Click “save” and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure your chapter markers are added in the formats required by each podcast player that supports them.

More information can be found in our podcast annotations and cue points documentation.

Performance Improvements

We’re always looking for ways to make our dashboard experience better. Many times, that means “faster”.

The latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox included some new technology to make uploading files faster. We’ve taken advantage of this to make the episode upload process snappier.

We’ve also made some improvements to how we load dashboard pages, so navigating around as you manage your podcasts should also be zippier.

Wrapping Up

We’d love to hear your feedback so if you have some to share don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until our next update, happy podcasting.

Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.