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What makes Whooshkaa enterprise-ready?

We're trusted to deliver enterprise grade audio management solutions to leading corporates, publishers and broadcasters around the world. Here's why.

Noor Hammad • Wed 24 February, 2021

If you are currently researching solutions to manage, deliver and measure an audio strategy at your organisation, it’s a safe bet you’ve come across the dizzying number of podcasting platforms available today.

You have also probably noticed they’re all built for independent, hobbyist podcasters and don’t meet the standards of security, privacy, flexibility and scalability that business users need – not least to get sign off from procurement or IT!

That’s why we’re different.

Whooshkaa has “enterprise” in our DNA. Our team has decades of combined experience building and supporting enterprise technology solutions.

It’s why we’re trusted to deliver enterprise grade audio management solutions to leading corporates, publishers and broadcasters around the world.

Our Chief Technology Officer Semin Nurkic has led product development at Whooshkaa since we started and brings with him over 20 years of experience designing and managing technology systems for some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations.

I asked Semin to provide some more information on what it really means to be an “enterprise” audio management solution.

What does it mean when we describe Whooshkaa as an “enterprise” solution?

There are three key attributes to enterprise solutions that set them apart – security, scalability and flexibility.

Enterprise organisations are typically more complex than SMB’s and deficiencies in any of those three key areas can be very costly. This is true whether you are a large technology provider, a consumer brand, a mining company or an educational institution.

In a nutshell, enterprise-ready solutions need to be able to solve problems for the complete organisation, not just a single department.

Can you walk us through the importance of each of those key attributes?

Security – Protecting company and customer data is a top priority for every organisation. Most enterprise organisations already have data management and privacy policies in place. To comply with these policies, technology solutions like Whooshkaa need to provide access management controls and authentication systems.

Scalability – Enterprise IT teams need to be confident that any new technology they’re adopting will handle current and future system demands with minimal maintenance and administrative oversight. Is it easy to expand usage to additional teams or regions? Will it be agile enough to seamlessly integrate with our other systems?

Flexibility – Enterprise challenges are constantly evolving and new technologies are emerging to solve these problems, so it’s critical to build a technology stack that will be able to accommodate and play nicely with any new system you may need to integrate in the future. Systems that can easily connect and communicate with one another can optimise workflows to increase productivity.

What specific features and capabilities does Whooshkaa have that make us a uniquely enterprise-ready podcast technology platform?

Some of the features Whooshkaa offers enterprises are:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • User Access Controls (UAC)
  • Comprehensive suite of APIs and developer tools

We also follow enterprise best practices and policies including:

  • Regular penetration testing by independent security auditor
  • Documented backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Fully documented product
  • Defined support ticketing process
  • Customer training processes

We have obtained a number of independent, industry standard accreditations of our technology and internal processes that our customers' procurement teams often require to sign off on Whooshkaa as a provider.

Can you provide an overview of those accreditations?


SOC 2 is a widely respected accreditation related to data security, confidentiality and privacy.

Whooshkaa has been independently audited and certified as meeting standards of security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems services we use to process user data and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems.

More information >

SOC 2 Certification Badge

IAB Certification

The IAB Compliance Program certifies solutions that adhere to a set of global industry technical standards for measuring podcasts.

Certification required Whooshkaa to submit to a detailed, independent technology audit by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

IAB Certification means Whooshkaa’s analytics are reliable, transparent and consistent with international industry standards.

More information >

IAB Tech Lab Certification Badge

CSA Star

Whooshkaa is at the STAR Level 1 of the Cloud Security Alliance Open Certification Framework and a Cloud Security Alliance Corporate member.

This means our security practices and CSA Assessment Responses meet CSA standards and are publicly available to prospective customers.

This provides the transparency and detail necessary for procurement teams to validate Whooshkaa as a trusted solution.

More information >

CSA Star Badge

AWS Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider.

As an AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner, Whooshkaa is able to take advantage of AWS resources and the latest innovations and technological capabilities provided by AWS.

AWS Partner Network Badge

Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.

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