Whooshkaa Studios launches original true-crime podcast: Ghost Gate Road

Whooshkaa and award-winning author and journalist Matthew Condon present a revelatory podcast about one of Australia's most sadistic and elusive killers.

Noor Hammad • Mon 23 November, 2020

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Australian podcast company Whooshkaa and award-winning author and journalist Matthew Condon present a revelatory podcast about one of Australia’s most sadistic and elusive killers.

Whooshkaa today launches the first original, true crime series from its production house, Whooshkaa Studios: Ghost Gate Road. The nine-part series, written and narrated by The Night Dragon author Matthew Condon, unveils the life and crimes of one of Australia’s most sadistic and elusive murderers, Vincent O’Dempsey.

Ghost Gate Road grew out of Condon’s investigation of the murders of Barbara McCulkin and her two young daughters in 1974 in the aftermath of Brisbane’s infamous Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub firebombing. Fifteen people died in the flames and the trail led back to ice-cold killer Vincent O’Dempsey.

Condon has spent more than 10 years researching the dark side of the Sunshine State, peeling back layers of organised crime and corruption in Queensland and New South Wales and piecing together evidence from hundreds of interviews.

A fresh inquest into the Whiskey Au Go Go firebombing is imminent and may finally bring justice to the many families who have waited for the truth about the mass murder. Ghost Gate Road uncovers fresh details behind that tragedy. It also explains how O’Dempsey, one of Australia’s most sadistic killers, operated under the radar of law enforcement for decades.

Condon’s podcast blows the cover on O’Dempsey’s personal and criminal life, from the formation of a psychopath in the Queensland country town of Warwick to his evolution as the most feared gangster in the Australian criminal underworld. One of Australia’s finest crime historians and storytellers guides listeners through this compelling and previously untold tale.

Condon’s research takes us to the real Ghost Gate Road, where he pins down the legend that Vince created a private graveyard to bury his victims and makes a surprising discovery.

Hedley Thomas, The Teacher’s Pet and The Night Driver podcasts:

“Matt Condon is one of Australia’s most gifted storytellers, after a 35 year career writing for newspapers and authoring almost 20 exceptional books.

He is the journalist I always ask first when I’m seeking inspiration in the crafting of podcast episodes and longform stories.”

“Matt’s remarkable new podcast Ghost Gate Road, about a remorseless killer who terrified hundreds and snuffed out the lives of perhaps dozens of victims, is harrowing and addictive.”

“Matt’s exceptional eye for detail, his empathy and his rare talent as an elegant wordsmith and now a narrator for audio are showcased brilliantly in this powerful story from his home state.

Just don’t make my mistake of listening to Ghost Gate Road while walking a bush track alone at night. Utterly chilling.”

Episode 1 of Ghost Gate Road is available now on all podcast platforms.

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Website: www.ghostgateroad.com

Video Trailer (YouTube): https://youtu.be/FVGzKj6UWnk

About Matthew Condon (Writer / Presenter)

Matthew Condon is an award-winning journalist and author who has published ten works of fiction and six of non-fiction, including the bestselling Three Crooked Kings trilogy about police and political corruption in Queensland. His latest book is The Night Dragon (2019), and investigation into the Whiskey Au Go Go mass murder in Brisbane in 1973. He currently works as a feature writer for the Weekend Australian Magazine and is an Associate Professor at Griffith University where he teaches journalism. In 2019 he was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the community.

About Whooshkaa Studios

Whooshkaa Studios is the production team behind some of the world’s most popular independent and branded podcasts including award winning podcasts for Facebook, Mercedes, Amazon, CMC Markets and more.


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