Why You Need To Transcribe Podcast Audio To Text

Podcast transcripts help with accessibility, sharing, content enrichment and SEO. Here's how you can transcribe your podcast to text. Try now.

Noor Hammad • Tue 10 September, 2019

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Picture this: you’re driving to work and listening to your favourite podcast, the host comes out with one of those great lines you want to share with your friends.

How do you find that quote and email it?

You can relisten to the episode and try and remember how far along you were when you heard it but even then, when you find it, you will have to type it out.

Doesn’t seem worth the effort?

What if you could go to the podcast episode page link from the show notes and search the transcript for a couple of words, locate the quote and copy it?

Shareability is one of the main reasons why podcasters should provide listeners with a transcript.

Let’s look at a few more.


Podcasts are an audio medium, but unfortunately not everyone can hear them.

Hearing impairment, noisy environments and different languages can all be obstacles to your audio content.

Some of us require a little help and a transcript can be perfect for scanning along while still enjoying all the audio.

Podcast giant This American Life found that over 7% of their listeners accessed their podcast transcripts, which is a significant portion of your audience.


The easiest way for a listener to share a quote from your podcast is via text.

A transcript makes it easy for your listeners to copy + share the text version of your audio gold.

There’s also a good chance they’ll link back to your transcript as the source which is another coveted “backlink” for your podcast website (see SEO section below).

Content Enrichment

Ever tried to spell out a strange brand name or a url in your podcast? Do you often mention great resources that your listeners should check out?

It’s much easier for listeners to click a link in your transcript instead of trying to make out a URL and type it in the address bar themselves.

Edison Research found that 74% of people listen to podcasts at home, with ready access to devices they can use to explore enriched content.


Getting discovered and growing your audience is a core challenge for every podcaster.

If you don’t have a huge pile of cash to spend on advertising you’re going to have to pop up in search engines organically.

SEO is a complex topic but there are two things everyone agrees on as a bedrock for SEO:

  • Making your content “visible” to Google - “crawlable content”
  • Attracting links from other websites to yours - “backlinks”

While Google recently announced they would be transcribing some podcasts in order to add them to search engine results - there’s no guarantee Google will choose to transcribe yours, or do a good job of it. The best way to ensure your podcast is crawlable? Add your own transcript to your episode page and show notes.

When a good quality website links to your content, these links are called “backlinks” and are significant factor in SEO success. Publishing a transcript increases the chances listeners will link to your episode page - especially when referencing a great quote - as This American Life found.

Put down your keyboard

If transcribing your podcast sounds like a lot of work, we have good news for you.

Whooshkaa offers all podcasters free automated transcription hours to turn your podcast audio into text.

There’s two types of service:

Automated Transcription

This uses artificial intelligence to transcribe your audio. It’s pretty accurate and a few minutes spent adding some punctuation and correcting the odd word will have your transcript web ready in no time.

Supervised Transcription

Your podcasts are transcribed using artificial intelligence then our editorial team checks them, makes any necessary corrections for you and sends a web ready transcript back.

You can transcribe any audio in Whooshkaa, be it your show episodes or audio you store in the Whooshkaa Media Library eg. ad reads.

To get started click the Transcripts tab in the main menu of the Whooshkaa Dashboard.

Author: Noor Hammad

Noor Hammad

Noor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whooshkaa. He is passionate about SaaS technology and all things audio.

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