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Harness the power of audio to engage your students, staff and school community.

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Podcasting for School Administrators

Podcasts represent a new and unique opportunity for administrators to deliver information to the school community.

Audio works in situations where reading or watching video isn’t practical.

Keep parents informed

Whooshkaa makes it easy for parents to listen to short updates or entire school newsletters when they’re driving to work or out and about.

Distribute private podcasts via your school app, website or popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts. Administrators can add or remove users from the distribution group at any time.

Whooshkaa School Newsletter Podcast

Professional Development

Podcasts aren’t just for students and parents!

Teacher professional development courses can be delivered via audio to time poor teachers for consumption while they’re on the move.

Virtual Voice Newsletters

With Whooshkaa you don’t even need a microphone to create a podcast.

Using artificial intelligence and our synthesised voice technology, Whooshkaa can turn text, like your school newsletter, into realistic virtual voice.

Podcasting for Teachers

Teachers can use podcasts to deliver lesson content directly to students. Entire lessons, revision or for students with special needs who find audio more accessible than written or video content.

Easy for students

Students subscribe to a podcast using popular, free podcast apps and receive instant notifications when new podcast “episodes” are available.

The podcasts are only available to a private list of students managed by the teacher or school administrator.

Whooshkaa Private Podcasts For Education

Podcasting for Students

Students can create and share podcasts with their classmates, providing a powerful peer-learning opportunity or a new extracurricular activity.

Oral Assessments

Save valuable class time have students submit oral assessment tasks as podcasts.

Peer Learning

Students reflect on and discuss classroom lessons to facilitate peer learning.


Students can create and share podcasts related to sports, drama, academic and other extracurricular programs.


Language learners practice foreign language speaking and listening skills with peers.

Why Whooshkaa?

Whooshkaa is a leading global enterprise podcasting solution which now includes additional features that are critical for schools.

Private Podcasts

Private podcast feeds are available via invitation only, school administrators maintain control over access with the ability to invite and remove users. Podcast feeds can be generated for any audience, e.g. all students, students of a particular year or house group, parents, school community and supporters, alumni.

Dynamic Advertising

Encourage support from businesses and organisations in your community by offering dynamic audio advertising campaigns delivered in the podcasts you deliver to parents and your school community.

Identity Management

Whooshkaa provides industry standard single sign-on (SSO) and user access controls (UAC) in addition to a full featured REST API.

This provides the tools to ensure that students and parents are subscribed to the correct podcast feeds as students move through each year or as their relationship with the school changes.

Trusted Technology

Enterprise grade developer tools and APIs allow deep integration with existing platforms including school management systems (SMS) and learning management systems (LMS) for a seamless user experience.

We partner with technology leaders including Amazon, Google and Apple to develop innovative audio technology.

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Harness the power of audio to engage your students, staff and school community.

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