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Trust & Security

Protecting customer data is engrained directly into the core of our products, our infrastructure and how we work at Whooshkaa.

Securely Built

Our technology stack incorporates security at every point. We also make it easy for your to comply with your security practice when using Whooshkaa. For more details, see our Security Practices page.

Encryption At Rest

Our platform stores customer data securely and encrypted in multiple data centres for redundancy.

Encryption In Transit

All of the data provided to Whooshkaa and consumed from Whooshkaa is encrypted while being transferred (TLS).

Single Sign-On

We support SAML at every authentication point so that you can control how your users authenticate via SSO.

Reliable Technology

We are committed to our customers delivering mission critical content on Whooshkaa.

Our technology stack has been designed to have multiple points of redundancy, scale to the largest needs automatically, utilise geographically dispersed service and do it all while maintaining low latency.

When building our tech, we are using proven processes to ensure a high level of quality and precision. Proactive issue discovery, strict control processes and multiple environments are at the core.

For more details, see our Security Practices page.

Diagram of Whooshkaa technology cloud.

Committed To Privacy

We support your organisation's privacy obligations with our GDPR compliance and Data Processing Addendum.

You have a lot of choice in how your data is made available to your users and to the public so that you can maintain your levels of compliance.

We maintain process and practices in our organization with regular training to ensure that we follow industry best practices throughout.

For more details, see our Security Practices page.

Diagram of Whooshkaa technology cloud.
AIPCA SOC 2 Certified Cloud Security Alliance Seal AWS APN Partner Badge IAB Tech Lab Certified Seal Penetration Tested by phew (Quarterly)